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Thanks for the coaching session. Your calm, cheerful and encouraging approach to changing my technique was very impressive in their results.

On Saturday I shot in the Spelthorne competition – Portsmouth round – and added 70 points to my PB. No shoulder aches after it either!

Cant wait to see what happens to my score once the new technique beds in! You made me feel like I was doing brilliantly and would continue to do so.

Your continued encouragement is also very appreciated.

Did you know you stand with me when I’m on the line shooting? I can hear your voice: relax your shoulders, squeeze your shoulder muscles to bring you to full draw, pull back to same anchor, smooth backward motion release… and of course Slow Down…

Just wanted to add that since our coaching session 2 months ago I have won 3 competitions and 1 friendly – I  hadn’t won anything outside of our club before that!


Coaching takes place in either our 19 yard indoor range or on our 150 yard outdoor range.

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