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Newcomers to archery need to complete a beginners course to learn how to shoot safely.

During the course you will learn archery technique - how to shoot recurve bows with and without a sight.  You will also shoot with a longbow.

You will learn how to set up archery equipment - bows and targets.  You will understand the safety protocols and archery etiquette required when shooting at archery clubs.

At the final session you receive a certificate which you can take to any archery club as proof that you have completed your beginners course.


At times to suit we can arrange a beginners course for you on a one-to-one basis.

This would involve two one-and-a-half hour sessions. This does work out slightly more expensive at £120, but it means you can have your lessons at times to fit around your commitments.

Call to discuss the dates/times:  01525 229374.