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Improvement is what most archers look for.

If you want to improve your style, correct bad habits - or you just want some guidance - then book time with an archery advisor

Advice and help on your archery style and equipment is offered to all archers.

One-to-one personal improvement sessions are available with a GNAS qualified coach.  You can look for general improvement or focus on particular aspect of your technique.

If a few of you  want to attend together, then small group sessions are also available.

Youngsters from the age of 8 are welcome, and our staff are CRB certificated.

All bow disciplines are catered for.  Bring your own bow - or if you are a novice we have equipment you can borrow.

Video sessions are also available, where you will be filmed and your technique discussed with you as you view.

£40 per hour for one person
£60 per hour for two
£100 per hour for three
£120 per hour for four